Flying Humans Visit KL City Iconic Towers

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Taking inspiration from fellow Red Bull athlete Felix Baumgartner, 3 elite pilots from Red Bull Air Force came to Kuala Lumpur to fulfil their dreams of conquering the city’s iconic skyscrapers. This is the first time that wingsuit pilots have conquered both of Malaysia’s highest and most iconic buildings.

Team leader Jon DeVore and world BASE jump record holder Miles Daisher with Othar Lawrence completed 2 WingSuit flights during peak hour amidst the bustling city flying by KL Tower and then through the world tallest twin structure, Petronas Twin Towers. The mission is the team’s effort to promote and educate the sport of “human flight”. In this dangerous sport, those extreme sports professionals build the top elite. Blockbuster director Michael Bay engaged parts of the Red Bull Air Force troop for the shoots of “Transformers 3”, the first of such in downtown Chicago.

While the weather threaten to halt the mission at times, meticulous planning and preparation allows the team to execute the jump within a short time frame before the monsoon rain and wind took over. The project of flying through the iconic Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia was a first for both and is unique and very different due to the proximity of both towers and the high buildings surrounding the towers.

Furthermore, flying 120miles/hr in an urban environment created more complication for both athletes. “I was kinda freaking out about this one. I knew it was going to be totally awesome! I’ve been thinking about this for a long time” said Miles who had been to Malaysia for 3 times and base-jump off KL Tower for 60 times. Both athletic described the experience as “very surreal and dream like.”

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Flying Humans Visit KL City Iconic Towers
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